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Fabric Blinds

If you love the practicality of blinds but want something a little more stylish, try cloth blinds. These window treatments have a soft texture and luxurious look. Just like regular blinds, fabric blinds have slats you can raise, lower, or angle to adjust your light levels. In addition to giving you customized light control, these blinds provide great style. Browse a variety of colorful fabrics to find the ones that perfectly accent your home. Fabric blinds come in tasteful neutrals, fun brights, or bold jewel tones.

When you decorate your home with cloth blinds, you can choose from a variety of light-control levels. Some blinds consist of pale, sheer fabrics that let plenty of light stream in. These are ideal for places where you want to block glare while still getting natural light. For bedrooms or other areas where you want complete darkness, try blinds that use dark, opaque fabrics. These drastically dim the room when you close them.



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