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Why Summer Camp?

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Why Kimama?

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Kimama by the Docks
Two week camp on the Mediterranean shores, in the Mevo’ot Yam Youth Village of Michmoret. With a wide variety of tracks campers can choose from: Performing Arts, Visual arts, and Kimama chef. All campers will have the opportunity to experience watersports tracks.
Kimama Michmoret-for an unforgettable summer.

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At the Foot of the Carmel Mountains
Two weeks camp at the foot of the Carmel Mountain and next to the Mediterranean coast. Here at the Galim (meaning “waves”), we offer top of the line specialty tracks: Surfing, Dog Training and Kimama Chef.
Kimama Galim- A mountain of fun, ocean of possibilities.

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A Week by the Beach
A week long experience with all the fun Kimama has to offer at Neurim Youth Beach Village at an affordable cost. Social and educational activities, surfing, sports, day trips and much more.
Kimama Hof – a week of shiny seas and golden sun.

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A Start-Up, Media & Technology Camp
KimamaTech: A chance to fall in love with אhe exciting world of technology, media and entrepreneurship. Around the clock activities in a variety of fields, accompanied by leading mentors and combining workshops on leadership team work. Of course, everything is in the setting of an international summer camp on the shores of the Mediterranean

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Kimama Around The World
Kimama Camps in New York and Barcelona & the Pyrenees

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Camp Kimama

Camp Kimama is the first and the largest international summer camp held in Israel, with thousands of participants each year, ages 7-17, from 40 different countries from around the world. Kimama also offers different trips throughout the year.

What we offer you?
A unique experience in which you will encounter new cultures, languages and worlds; acquire knowledge and expertise in fields that interest you; meet youths from Israel and worldwide; and forge special friendships that will be with you for life. Activities at Camp Kimama are run in Hebrew and in English, and we have counselors from all over the world who can help with other languages, too.
All of these are integrated in the educational activity, with an emphasis on values such as independence, leadership, personal development and empowerment. We believe that every participant has talent and ability that may be developed. We’ll find your strengths and help you to express them.
See you at camp!

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