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The Summer Camp Industry in North America // Avishay Nachon

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The summer of 1999 was the first time I went as a “Shaliach” of the Jewish Agency to a summer camp in North America, in the role of the camp’s music counselor. For the next six years I would go on to serve as counselor at a summer camp in the United States every summer (1999-2004). At that time I did not know that the experience would change my life and pave my way toward building a career in the field of summer camps. In the summer of 2004 we founded Camp Kimama. A simple calculation shows that I’ve been involved with summer camps for seventeen years now.  Read More


Thank You for Participating // Avishay Nachon

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Dear campers and parents

Just before this summer changes from the present to the past, with the soon return of our Kimama New York campers to Israel, I wanted to thank you all for our joint summer together, at Kimama.
I am aware, that it is not to be taken for granted, that you made the decision to leave your dearest children and send them for one or two or even three weeks away from home. It is important for me to tell you that I really appreciate the belief that you have in us. Read More


Meet our Camp Directors – Andy Moguilevsky // Kimama The Hub

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A Few Words about Andy

Andy Moguilevsky, 28, Electronic Arts student and technological advisor of several firms and projects. He joined Kimama in 2016 to create a high-end summer experience for teenagers, and has been managing it since.

Andy is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and during the year he takes part of different technology related educational programs, for kids, teens and adults, while running his IT Company. He has built summer camps for more than 6 years, and has been working in education for more than 10. He even worked at Disney World!

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Meet our Camp Directors – Arnon Rabin // Kimama Michmoret

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Arnon Rabin // Kimama Michmoret

A Few Words about Arnon
Arnon (31) holds a Bachelor of Arts from Jerusalem’s prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, where he majored in photography, and an MA from the Chicago Art Institute.
Arnon joined the Kimama family in the Summer of 2007. Since then, he has filled a variety of positions at the entire spectrum of Kimama Camps, beginning as a counselor, then as a coordinator, head coordinator, and more. Three years ago, he established Camp Kimama Carmel, and has been its director ever since. This year, he returns to direct Kimama Michmoret.
During the year, Arnon lives in Chicago. As Camp Director, he meets with parents and campers throughout the United States, conducts parlor meetings, and plans seminars and educational programs together with local communities.

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Meet our Camp Directors – Effie Ramati // Kimama Hof

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Effie Ramati // Kimama Hof

A Few Words about Effie
Effie Ramati (30) is a scientist, with an MSc in Chemistry from the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science. She is a researcher in the field of Atmospheric Sciences. In addition, Effie lectures on chemistry to undergraduate students and is a veteran instructor in the Sciences Programs at the Davidson Institute for Science.
Effie joined Kimama in the summer of 2007 as a specialist at Camp Kimama Galil. Since then, she has filled a variety of positions at Kimama, including those of Social Counselor, Sports Director, and was the Coordinator and leading member of the team that established Kimama New York and was instrumental in its first year of operations. For the past two years, Effie has been a resounding success as Director of Camp Kimama Beach, which she will lead this coming summer as well. Read More


Meet our Camp Directors – Tali Even-Zur // Kimama Carmel

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A Few Words about Tali
Tali Even-Tzur (31) holds a BA in Physical Education and Motion from the Seminar Hakibbutzim Teacher’s College and an MA in Educational Management and Organization.
Tali is a teacher and activities coordinator for the upper classes at the Kochav Yair Elementary School. She is an integral part of the school’s administration and is among the leaders of the municipal educational system. Tali is the coordinator for extracurricular activities and in charge of the school’s athletic programming.
Growing up in the Scouts Movement, as both a scout and a counselor, Tali is a born and bred educator. “The fact that I was born on a kibbutz in the Jezreel Valley has helped mold my educational approach. It gave me the foundations of my love of the Land of Israel.”
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